last night,Shawols played #shineefacts and i love the facts. aha

#shineefacts taemin dont like key’s julliet hair
#shineefacts minho father is football coach
#shineefacts key’s got total 5 piercing on his both ear
#shineefacts key has a board shoulder because he is water skiing athlete
#shineefacts onew always cook meat for taemin
#shineefacts key is a rich guy
#shineefacts minho hate to lose
#shineefacts minho is one of ha sang baek’s model before his debut
#shineefacts onew love chicken. he even ditched tofu. hahaha that leader!
#shineefacts SME found Key at SM National Tour Audition Casting (should watch his audition,awesome!!)
#shineefacts onew loves cries secretly on their van after got injured
#shineefacts onew love jammie cullum and eric bennet song
#shineefacts onew learned piano by himself..
#shineefacts Key had a crush on Chloe Sevigny
#shineefacts key never think before he say something
#shineefacts key is afraid of seoul
#shineefacts key loves branded bags
#shineefacts key loves shopping with his mom
#shineefacts Key’s phobia is height while Taemin’s phobia is insect.
#shineefacts Key loves pout,nag,scold,and everything that “umma-criteria” related
#shineefacts onew’s iq is 158
#shineefacts do not expect Onew to telling you a story,coz before he can finish his story. he might forget,what was he talk about
#shineefacts no one can beat the almighty Key had. he rule everything.
#shineefacts taemin is sick with people who called him pretty..or like a girl,,he want to be look more manly
#shineefacts Taemin drinks 1ltr milks everyday, bcause he want to increase his height
#shineefacts minho pernah ketiduran dua hari.
#shineefacts jonghyun pernah marah setengah mati sama onew gara-gara sering marodiin cara nyanyinya.
#shineefacts Taemin Must never forget to smile.

thats all.well,this is random post about SHINee.


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